Spring Maintenance for Your Chimney

Now is the best time to add a custom chimney cap or chase cover to your home. Keep animals and water from damaging your heating appliance. 

What is a chase cover?

A chase cover is a metal cover that sets atop your chase, and it blocks water and debris from entering. In many ways, it acts like a chimney crown on a masonry chimney. It is critical that there is no gaps between the chimney flue and the chase cover. Otherwise, rain and debris can accumulate in your chase to cause issues such as leaking and even a fire.

What is a chimney cap?

Chimney caps are your chimney’s first line of defense against moisture. A chimney cap is made of a cover that sets atop a mesh cage. The cover prevents rain from falling into your chimney while the mesh cage prevents animals and debris from entering your chimney while allowing smoke to exit your home. Chimney caps are exposed to rough weather conditions including rain, hail, wind, and heat. This is why we highly recommend having a durable chimney cap installed to withstand all the harsh elements.

Why You Need a Chimney Cap or Chase Cover:

Spring rains rejuvenate the natural world around us. However, spring rains is also detrimental to the health of your chimney and home. Keeping your chimney masonry protected from moisture is critical to the overall health of your chimney, fireplace, and home.Moisture can cause issues with rotting woodwork, odors, and animal intrusion. If leaves and debris are accumulating in your chimney chase, then it can create a fire hazard.

What are your options?

There are many manufacturers that create chase covers and chimney caps. However, most factory-built chase covers and chimney caps are made of cheap materials that rust quickly. Furthermore, factory products come in standard sizes which does not fit your chimney. Because moisture is so detrimental to your chimney system, we believe you need a chase cover or a chimney cap that is fitted to your chimney.


At TN Fireplace & Chimney, we believe that chase covers and chimney caps should only be made from high-quality materials and parts. In addition, they should also fit perfectly on your chimney to avoid moisture and debris intrusion. We only offer custom made chimney caps and chase covers – we want to guarantee that your home is dry and your chimney is in safe, operational condition.

You shouldn’t have to worry about water leaks around your chimney cap or chase cover. If you think your chase cover or chimney cap need replacing, call Knoxville’s only Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technicians. 

TN Fireplace & Chimney are the top pros in KNOX area; we recommend them highly. A home’s chimney & fireplace benefit from regular inspections & addressing any concerns promptly. We are thankful for their skill set & high credentialing. Joshua did a thorough job on our complete inspection, in his report & with his recommendation. We are grateful also to Jeff & Austin for their super job! Becky, in the office, was efficient & knowledgeable too. TN Fireplace & Chimney are the BEST & can be trusted. Kudos.

Maggie, local homeowner


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