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Is a Gas Fireplace or Insert Better for Your Home?

Fireplace insert in newly remodeled home, surrounded by a grand piano, lamp, and chair

When it comes to choosing the perfect heating solution for your home, there’s a lot of debate surrounding the choice between a gas fireplace and a gas insert. With so many factors to consider, we’re here to help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs. Here, we’ll examine the key differences between […]

Gas Logs Let You Enjoy Your Fireplace Anytime

Want to sit near a warm fire but you only have 20 minutes? You can, if you have a gas fireplace. There’s something innately human about a real wood fire because we’ve been sitting around fires, watching the flames dance, for thousands of years. But sometimes you just want a fire without shoveling out the […]

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A fireplace can offer warmth, comfort, and fellowship to homeowners that have one installed in their home. However, owning a fireplace takes a lot of effort and upkeep to keep it operating properly. This is especially true with wood-burning fireplaces where you need to collect, chop, season, stack, and haul wood just to be able […]