Leaky Chimneys Are No Match for Knoxville’s only CSIA-certified Chimney Professionals 

Water is one of your chimney’s worst enemies, and a leak can leave your system very vulnerable. If a chimney leak is not addressed quickly enough, fixing the damaged masonry will require extensive care and could be extremely costly. Fortunately for you, TN Fireplace and Chimney’s technicians are CSIA-certified experts who can help diagnose minor leaks before they become major hassles. 

Signs & causes of a chimney leak:

  • Damaged flashing: The metal strips that run along your roof near your chimney, called flashing, can be lifted, dented, rusted, or otherwise damaged by water, strong winds, loose debris, and animals.
  • Loose shingles: If your shingles have come loose, there are gaps present, or there’s no caulk or seal around the flashing, it could be a cause of the leak
  • Water coming in through your chimney and down into your firebox
  • Rust along your chimney chase or down the side of your home
  • Chimney discoloration & vegetation growth

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Ryan Mike and Kenny were completely wonderful. They were on time both days. They also kept my house very clean. They all took their time to answer my question. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Thank you guys so much. I will see you next year to clean my chimney.
Elaine Beeman

Nice, polite, clean, and most importantly knowledgable. More than satisfied with their service and recommendations. All future business goes to this company. 10/10
Chris Nutting

They were on time, accessed the leaking problem. Fixed the problem in a few minutes. Very impressed!

Pam R.