There’s nothing like a crackling fire on a crisp fall evening. But before you can light the next one, you need to shovel out the ashes. Mayberemote-controlled fireplace that’s just not your thing or you don’t want the expense and inconvenience of buying and hauling wood for your fireplace. You don’t have to! We can install a gas fireplace that you can light with the push of a button.

A wood fire evokes the good old days, but if your relaxation time is limited, a gas fireplace may be the fire that you’re looking for. Your Knoxville fireplace experts at TN Fireplace & Chimney can show you some of the ways you can upgrade your home.

We can convert your wood-burning fireplace to a remote-controlled gas version. In addition to installing gas systems, we can even custom design new ones in case you don’t see anything you like on the market. We will install the gas lines, connections and valves, test and adjust the burners, check for proper ventilation and install gas logs and lava rock.

Gas fireplaces have either pilot lights or spark ignition. One advantage of having a standing pilot light is that it warms the firebox so that the fireplace drafts better once it is lit. Remote controls, in addition to on/off, can control the temperature, a blower if one is installed, the flame height, and the time the fireplace is on. Remotes can be locked out so children can’t play with them.

Installing a gas fireplace is not a do-it-yourself project. Codes require anyone installing a gas-burning appliance be licensed to install gas lines. You should also call us for maintenance and repairs. If you ever smell gas, leave the house and then call the fire department.

If you’re ready to upgrade or add a gas fireplace to your home, you can count on us. Call TN Chimney & Fireplace today at (865) 922-2262 or request an appointment online today.