Wood Stove Inserts in Knox County, TN 

Are you on the search for the best new wood stove or wood insert for your home? With all the brands and products out there, narrowing down your options can be overwhelming and taxing, but we can help. We have years of experience working with and installing wood stoves and wood stove inserts in Knox County, TN, and in that time, we’ve identified which brands and models of wood fireplace inserts are the best investments and which ones aren’t worth buying. To make the entire wood-burning stove shopping process easier and less stressful for our customers, we proudly carry what we believe are the finest wood stoves and best wood stove inserts available from one of the finest brands: Osburn.

wood fire stove

Wood Stoves for Sale 

When you want to find the best wood stoves for sale online, you need to find a company that features the highest-quality stoves from the top brand on the market. Our installation experts can help you find the wood-burning stove inserts of your dreams and set them up in your home in no time. All wood inserts and wood-burning stoves for sale are non-catalytic, tested with cordwood, and independently tested by an accredited lab under EPA – New Source Performance Standards and CSA B415.1-10. Here are some of the most popular models of wood stove inserts in Knox County, TN, that we sell here at TN Fireplace & Chimney:

matrix wood insert

Matrix Wood Insert

Brand: Osburn

Type: Insert

Fuel: Dry cordwood

Description: This is our #1 best-selling wood insert, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect-sized appliance for spaces from 500-2,100 sq. ft., and has a max output of 75,000 BTUs. Design-wise, it’s sleek, yet grand, and it’s the perfect complement to spaces of all types. Bonus: It meets the EPA’s new 2020 standards for emission rates, boasting an average particle emission rate as low as 1.54 g/h. That’s worth celebrating!

1700 wood insert

1700 Wood Insert

Brand: Osburn

Type: Insert

Fuel: Dry cordwood

Description: The 1700 is a great option for those that love the classic stove look. This insert is great for heating spaces from 500-1,800 sq. ft. in size, and has a max BTU output of 65,000. Like the Matrix, it meets the EPA’s new 2020 standards for emission rates, boasting an average particle emission rate as low as 1.26 g/h. What else will you love? The cast iron door, the quiet blower, and the many options for customizing your appliance – like black or brushed nickel plated door overlays, faceplates, and faceplate trims.

matrix 2700

Matrix 2700 Wood Insert

Brand: Osburn

Type: Insert

Fuel: Dry cordwood

Description: This classic-looking wood insert is larger and can heat areas from 750-2,200 sq. ft. in size. You can expect a max output of 80,000 BTUs and a large viewing area. Other perks: efficient combustion, cast iron faceplate, heat activated blower, and the option to customize your insert with a black or brushed silver-plated door overlay and fire screen.

Wood Fireplace Installation 

Whether you want one for your existing living room or want to add a bit of personality to your latest home addition, a successful wood fireplace installation will do wonders for your aesthetic and comfort. We’ll help you find the perfect-sized wood-burning fireplace insert for your space, providing a boost in comfort and energy efficiency that your old system lacked.

The TN Chimney and Fireplace team has provided wood-burning fireplace inserts and wood stove inserts in Knox County, TN, and beyond since 2008. We’ve ensured our customers receive the highest-quality installation services and have the utmost confidence in their new setup. Please browse our inventory and find your next wood-burning fireplace for sale today!

Wood-Burning Stove Inserts

When you’re looking for the best wood-burning insert, finding one that fits your needs can prove challenging — if you don’t know where to look. We provide our customers with an unparalleled selection and expert wood stove installation services to meet their every need. We understand that you want your new fireplace to provide enough heat to the surrounding area without significant energy loss. Our inventory of wood-burning stoves for sale helps you find your ideal solution without sacrificing any of your must-haves.

Fives Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Wood-Burning Insert

Our wood stove inserts in Knox County, TN, and the surrounding areas, including Blount County, Loudon County, and Jefferson County, TN, with the perfect heating solutions. However, some homeowners may feel hesitant to make the jump without knowing the potential benefits of upgrading to a wood-burning insert, a wood-burning stove, or wood-burning fireplace inserts. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from installing the best wood stove inserts on the market:

  • Clean burning source of heat
  • Reduced creosote levels
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased reliability — works even when the power goes out!
  • Completely transform the room.

Trust TN Fireplace & Chimney With Your Next Wood-Burning Insert!

Whether you’re looking for a wood-burning fireplace for sale or need a new wood stove installation, TN Fireplace & Chimney has you covered. Our insert installation experts know how to determine how to install your ideal heating solution for your space. We work with our customers to find the best wood stove inserts in Knox County, TN, for their needs and ensure it gets installed correctly the first time around. We also provide gas fireplace insert and chimney cleaning services!

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