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Service Area - Powell

No Matter The Age Of Your Chimney, TN Fireplace and Chimney Can Assist – That’s Why Powell Residents Always Turn To Us!

If you live in Powell, Knoxville, Ponderosa Heights, Broad Acres, Mayview Heights, Glenwood, Shadow Wood, Bell Bridge, Cherrybrook, Cherokee Ridge, Dante, Oak Ridge, Rutledge, Farragut, or any of the communities close by, we are here for you! Depend on us for repairs, cleanings, renovations, and more…we can’t wait to help you out!

With one look around Powell’s older neighborhoods, you will get a heart-warming sense of what used to be. It was founded two years before Knoxville, leaving this booming area with a culture all its own, and its rich history can be found around every corner. Community members and visitors appreciate the countless houses that are still standing from the suburb’s beginning.

There are lots of local hot spots, like Antique Addiction, Pizza HossThe Front PorchCiderville Music StoreCalico A Boutique On The Go, and more that quickly turn into favorite spots for Powell residents. And with Knoxville just a short drive away, you will never run out of ways to stay entertained!

At TN Fireplace and Chimney, keeping this area’s unique aesthetic intact is important to us. We know how to work on old homes and new homes alike, which is why people living on Beaver Creek Drive, Cranley Road, Brickyard Road, Sharp Road, Callahan Drive, Blueberry Road, Heiskell Road, Brushy Valley Drive, Bishop Road, Pleasant Ridge Road, Wells Road, Stanley Road, Naff Road, Keck Road, Lacy Road, Meredith Road, and countless other roads nearby, always depend on us to keep their home looking great.

Is Your Masonry Breaking Down? Our Experts Can Get Things Looking New Again!

It’s not uncommon for your mortar and brickwork to start deteriorating, especially if you live in an older home. Once cracks and holes begin to form, getting them patched up as soon as possible is important for keeping your chimney strong for years to come. But this can be a tricky process. Matching up mortar colors and getting everything looking like new again is not always an easy task. Luckily, the staff at TN Fireplace and Chimney is certified and trained to take on even the toughest jobs!

On top of masonry repair and stucco/concrete work, we can also reline your chimney with stainless steel or HeatShieldrepair your flashing, repair or replace your damper, and repair your smoke chamber. Looking to rebuild? We do chimney rebuilds and historical restorations, too! We can even do minor roof repairs if leaks have caused some damage you need addressed.

What else can we do? See our list below!

Our desire to stay educated and up to date on all of the latest codes and procedure is evident in every job that we do. We maintain nearly 50 hours a year of continuing education, and we are the only certified sweeps in Knoxville.

Pick Up The Phone Now!

There is clearly no better place to turn if you live in Briarwood Estates, Lazy Acres, Whispering Hills, Washington Heights, North Brook, Pleasant Hills, Lenoir City, Clinton, or anywhere else in the area. For all your chimney and fireplace needs, give TN Fireplace and Chimney a call at (865) 345-3215 or click here to request an appointment online!

We love serving our neighbors in Oak Ridge. Find out if you live in one our service communities when you give us a call.