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Water Heater & Furnace Venting

We Also Offer Furnace, Furnace Venting, and Water Heater Venting Installation Services

As chimney professionals, we have an extensive understanding of venting, and not just venting fireplaces or stoves — we’re also here to help when you need to have your water heater venting or furnace and furnace venting installed. If it has to do with keeping you and your family warm, we’re the team to call. 

Just like your fireplace or stove, your furnace and water heater produce corrosive byproducts when in operation, and these byproducts need to be properly vented up and out of your home. Much like you rely on the chimney attached to your fireplace or stove to do the job, your water heater or furnace relies on a chimney or vent for proper operation. We can help.

The team here at TN Fireplace and Chimney is experienced and trained and can make your water heater or furnace venting installation or relining project simple and fast. We’ll take great care of your property and make sure everything is installed properly and working the way it should so you don’t have to worry.

Save Money With A Fire Chief Furnace

We proudly install Fire Chief wood/coal-burning furnace systems, which can provide 100,000 BTUs and heat spaces up to 2,000 sq. ft. These furnace systems are known for offering homeowners significant energy savings. Is it time to upgrade your home heating system with a new furnace? Let us help!

It’s important that venting and furnace systems be properly installed for peak performance and peak safety, which is why the installation of furnaces, furnace venting, and water heater venting is not a DIY job. Instead, call on the friendly and knowledgeable professionals here at TN Fireplace and Chimney — we’re here to help! Call (865) 346-3558 or fill out our online appointment form for scheduling!

Don’t worry…we can sell and install your own custom chimney cap or chase cover, so what are you waiting for? Call today!