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Service Area - Rutledge

Rutledge Is Small In Size, But Big In Heart – Keep Your Home Standing Tall By Turning To TN Fireplace and Chimney !

If you live close to Rutledge, Oak Ridge, Sevierville, Clinton, Hammer Store, Avondale, Lulaville, Dotson, Washburn, Sunset, Clear Springs, Buffalo Springs, Bowen, or Sycamore Spring, then you have likely heard some good things about TN Fireplace and Chimney’s repair and restoration services. Join our long list of satisfied customers by giving us a call today!

At first glance, it may seem like there isn’t much to Rutledge, TN. With a population of less than 1,500 people, many find themselves wondering what makes these tiny neighborhoods so appealing. If this sounds like you, let us tell you what we value most about this town! One walk through the streets and we are sure you will instantly love it as much as we do.

The Appalachian Quilt Trail is a fun and interesting adventure for families. Meander over to Joppa Mountain PotteryWindy Hills Alpacas, or Battle of Bean Station Civil War Burial Site. You will never run out of exciting and educational opportunities here!

Love camping? Greenlee Campground and Card’Nal Cove Campground are both great places to visit! Set up camp, then relax for as long as you’d like with loved ones, while everyone takes in the relaxing and fun-filled atmosphere that only a small town can offer.

We also know how important home care is to citizens in the Rutledge area. How do we know? We have helped countless residents throughout Rutledge Pike, Bryan Road, Knob Road, Coffey Lane, Cherry Street, Water Street, Cedar Avenue, Spring Avenue, Southside Avenue, Doc Hill Road, Church Street, City Park Road, Walnut Lane, Hodge Road, and neighboring areas! If you live on or near any of these streets, roads, or avenues, don’t let a dirty chimney get you down – depend on us! We can set you up right, so your home looks great, functions efficiently, and remains as safe as possible for the ones in it.

Is Creosote Building Up In Your Chimney? Our Certified Sweeps Are Ready To Help!

Chimneys need some cleaning out from time to time, and doing it yourself is never a good option. Learning the proper techniques and using the tools the right way takes time and practice, which is why you should count on TN Fireplace and Chimney to get creosote out and leave your fireplace and chimney sparkling. We’ll keep your home clean throughout the service and remove even the toughest creosote. We also offer gas services, which include cleanings, inspections, troubleshooting, repair, and the installation of gas fireplaces and gas logs.

But cleanings aren’t all we offer. We also do inspectionsrepairs, and restorations! We can perform level 1, 2, or 3 inspections, and we offer video scans and chimney inspections for realtors as well. Once we’ve checked everything out, we can move forward with any needed repairs. Whether you have leaks, a bad liner, a damaged dampermasonry deteriorationsmoke chamber issues, or problems with your flashing, we can fix you up and advise you on preventive measures, so you won’t continue to face issues year after year. We even offer minor roof repairs.

If you need a new mantelchase cover, or chimney cap, you can call on us for those needs as well. We sell and install custom chase coverschimney caps, and mantels, as well as factory-built chimneys/Class A chimneys, wood stoves, insertsprefab fireplaceswater heater and furnace venting, and furnaces.

And it doesn’t end there! We also specialize in new fireplace constructionchimney rebuilds, historical restorations, and fireplace remodels. If you are ready for a new look, give TN Fireplace and Chimney a call today!

Join Our List Of Satisfied Customers!

Those living in Cherokee, Wa-Ni Village, Williams Springs, Oakman, Big O Estates, Knoxville, Farragut, Powell, and along Route 92 know that we are the ones to turn to when their chimneys need help. We are the only certified sweeps in Knoxville and we pride ourselves on the 50 hours of continued education we engage in every single year. Call us at (865) 345-3215 or click here today for service you can count on!

Serious fireplace or chimney problems over in Sevierville? Call on TN Fireplace and  Chimney for expert help in this part of our service area.