Chimney Flashing Services in Knox County, TN 

With all the rain in the Greater Knoxville area, a chimney leak caused by damaged or missing flashing can be devastating if not quickly addressed. But TN Fireplace & Chimney is here to help. Our team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professionals can provide fast and effective chimney roof flashing repairs and put a stop to your water problems before further damage ensues.

The flashing on your chimney has a very big job: it works to keep water from entering the home where your roofline and your chimney come together. These metal sheets are interwoven with the shingles surrounding your chimney and layered along the chimney’s base as well. When properly installed and undamaged, flashing does a great job of protecting this vulnerable area against water. When you notice that your roof has sprung a leak, our chimney flashing services in Knox County, TN, can help address the issue and prevent further damage in the future.

flashing around chimney

When you need the top chimney flashing services in Knox County, TN, you’re looking for a team with a proven track record and an unparalleled reputation for sterling work. That’s exactly what you get when you partner with our team! Since 2008, we have proudly served Knox County, Blount County, Loudon County, and Jefferson County, TN, with a smile and a helping hand when they needed it.

Chimney Flashing Repair

When it comes to the flashing around your chimney, you must ensure everything is in good condition and protects your home from water infiltration. When you spot signs of water damage, quickly addressing leakage and flashing issues can make a significant difference. Knowing the possible causes of damage to your chimney roof flashing can help identify potential problems. Aside from poor installation, many things can render flashing ineffective and lead to chimney leaks:

  • Strong winds & straight-line winds can rip up flashing or cause gaps between layers.
  • Water can pool on the flashing and cause rusting and corrosion.
  • Animals can dent or pull up flashing.
  • Debris and fallen tree limbs can dent or damage flashing.

We can take care of whatever has caused your flashing to fail. We’ll lay down new flashing, ensuring every piece is smooth, level, and effectively layered. Our chimney flashing services in Knox County, TN, use fewer nail holes so that water has fewer possible gathering places to cause rust and corrosion. We also use high-quality metal flashing to ensure longevity and strength. In other words, we do the chimney flashing repair job right the first time so that you can expect long-lasting and effective results.

white chimney on rood with flashing

Chimney Flashing Replacement

A key component of chimney roof flashing repair remains knowing when something is too far gone to save or would cost the customer too much to fix it. In cases like these, a chimney flashing replacement becomes the best route to take. Our specialists work with our customers to ensure that the new flashing gets installed to their desired specifications the first time around. Our chimney flashing services in Knox County, TN, have helped countless homeowners ensure their homes and chimneys are protected from the elements for the long haul.

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Chimney Counter Flashing?

Protecting your home water infiltration starts with having the right equipment for the job installed on your roof. Rainwater has a habit of making its way through even the tiniest crack and starts to affect the underlying structure if left unchecked. Fortunately, chimney counter flashing has helped countless homeowners offer an additional layer of protection from that pesky rainwater.

These pieces of usually galvanized steel surround the base of your chimney, directing water away from the base of your setup and ensuring moisture doesn’t find a way to burrow into the infrastructure. Our team can help install, repair, and maintain the counter flashing around your chimney and ensure it’s ready to endure whatever mother nature can throw its way. 

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Your chimney faces a great deal of abuse from the elements. Tennessee weather patterns mean you can see everything from heavy rains, strong winds, and snowy winters that can cause a world’s worth of damage to your chimney. Chimney flashing helps prevent water damage from being one of the biggest culprits. These strips of interlocking metal pieces are interwoven around the base of your chimney to create a watertight seal to protect your chimney and roof from water infiltration and damage. It’s a major component of protecting your home and a driving force behind taking the time to ensure it’s working properly.

Trust TN Fireplace & Chimney With Your Chimney Flashing

When you need help from the best chimney flashing services in Knox County, TN, and the surrounding areas — including Blount County, Loudon County, and Jefferson County, TN — there’s only one name you should call. TN Fireplace & Chimney has helped homeowners throughout the area address their underlying chimney flashing issues to ensure their home is protected from the elements. Our expert technicians come to your home, assess your setup, and make the necessary repairs or installation to ensure your flashing is ready for years to come. Additionally, our team provides help for damaged shingles, full chimney restoration, and fixing a leaky chimney in no time.

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