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Fireplace Remodels

Get More Enjoyment From Your Hearth & Update Your Home’s Decor With A Fireplace Remodel

Your fireplace should bring you warmth and enjoyment, but it should also be a beautiful focal point that draws the eye and adds to the style and look of the room. Is your fireplace everything you want it to be or is it time for an update or a remodel? When updating the decor of your favorite room, it can be difficult to really achieve the look you want if the fireplace is still stuck in decades past, but we’re here to help. If your hearth is overdue for a fresh look, our expert masons can transform your hearth and give you the look you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re craving the more contemporary look of stone or you want a herringbone pattern or other unique brick design, we’ve got you covered. We use quality materials for all of our projects and will take care of everything — from the design phase to the finishing touches.

Our certified technicians have years of experience remodeling fireplaces of all types and can make sure the vision you have in your head translates to the vision you see with your eyes. We’ll meet with you, discuss your ideas and your vision, show you the many material options and trending looks, and help you create the perfect fireplace for your space. As expert masons and fireplace professionals, we can take care of everything and exceed your expectations, without exceeding your budget.

Ready to transform your fireplace and home? Call TN Fireplace and Chimney at (865) 346-3558 or fill out our online appointment request form to talk with someone about your project or set up an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts. We’re here to help!

Find out how many options there are when you decide to go with a prefab fireplace. Our sales and installation technicians are standing by to answer all your questions.