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Prefab Fireplace Installation

Enjoy Your Prefab Fireplace Without Worry — Have It Installed By Our Team Of Professionals

Many homeowners crave the warmth, magnetism, and delight that a fireplace brings to the home, but they simply don’t have the budget, the space, or the footing in their space to hold heavy masonry materials like brick and stone. If this sounds like you, we’ve got great news! Modern prefab fireplaces (or factory-built fireplaces) are beautiful, lightweight, and placement-flexible, and they can provide the masonry look you’re after at a fraction of the cost.

What Is A Prefab Fireplace & Why Choose One?

Prefab fireplaces are fireplace units that are manufactured, assembled, and tested in factory. Here are a few reasons these fireplaces are so popular:

  • They’re less expensive than masonry fireplaces. Unlike masonry fireplaces, prefab fireplaces are assembled in the factory and simply installed by our professionals according to manufacturer’s instructions. That means there’s no demo or major construction work involved, which means less mess and less expensive labor costs. Additionally, although many of the materials are made to resemble brick and stone, they’re less expensive than the real deal.
  • They offer more installation options than masonry fireplaces. One major benefit to prefab fireplaces is that they can be installed just about anywhere because they’re lightweight and don’t require the same space or footing that masonry fireplaces require. Considering adding a fireplace to your master suite or library? With a prefab fireplace, just about any space can become your new favorite room.

Is Professional Installation Really Necessary?

With all the videos out there, it may be tempting to give prefab fireplace installation a go without the help of a professional — but if instructions aren’t followed exactly, you could have a poorly performing appliance that compromises your safety and enjoyment. Additionally, by not having your prefab fireplace installed by a professional, you may be voiding your warranty. Don’t think of your prefab fireplace installation as a DIY-project — trust installation to those with experience.

Are you ready to finally add a beautiful and charming fireplace to another room in your home? Give TN Fireplace and Chimney a call at (865) 346-3558. We’ll talk with you about your wants and needs, evaluate the space and the options, and have your fireplace installed according to manufacturer’s instructions for perfect fit and perfect performance. Call or fill out our online appointment request form to schedule your appointment with Knoxville’s only certified sweep today.

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