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Historical Restorations

You Can Trust Our Certified Experts With Your Historical Restoration

Eastern TN is known for having some truly beautiful historic homes, and as a chimney and fireplace repair and restoration company, we’re passionate about preserving the beauty and historical integrity of those homes. We’ve invested countless hours and years into developing and perfecting our masonry skills and we have a comprehensive knowledge of the materials and styles historically used in Loudon, Bount, Knox, and Jefferson counties.

Inexperienced masons may use historically inappropriate restoration materials and techniques, possibly compromising the strength, structural integrity, and appearance of your chimney and fireplace — but not TN Fireplace and Chimney. We’re the best restoration professionals in the greater Knoxville area and we’re committed to preserving the history of the area and keeping our customers satisfied and safe.

Our restoration specialties include all of the following:

  • Custom Chimney Liners & Caps. Many times, the chimney flues in a historic chimney are oddly shaped and can’t be relined with a standard, modern flue liner. In these cases, we can custom fit a chimney liner into the flue. Additionally, many modern chimney caps simply don’t fit with the look of an historic chimney. That’s why we also offer chimney caps, chimney pots, and shrouds in a variety of styles and finishes that are historically appropriate.
  • Mortar & Brick Matching. Modern-day mortar and brick is not identical to the mortar and brick of previous eras, but our experts are gifted in matching brick and mortar color and composition for a perfect and historically appropriate result.
  • Stain Removal. If smoke stains are covering the once beautiful fireplace front or chimney, we can remove them using proven products and techniques that are safe for historic restorations.
  • Firebox Repair & Restoration. If the firebox is starting to deteriorate or pieces are cracking or missing, our team can provide beautiful and seamless repairs, keeping with the style and pattern of the original work.
  • Leak Repairs. Chimney leaks can virtually destroy historic chimneys, leading to discoloration, vegetation growth, cracks, crumbling mortar, and all kinds of damage. If a chimney leak is taking its toll on your historic chimney, we can quickly pinpoint the leak, identify the area in need of repairs and make historically accurate repairs.

We know that when a historic chimney or fireplace is damaged, you don’t want messy work, poor craftsmanship, or improper materials or techniques used — you want the best and most beautiful results. That’s what we provide and that’s why we can stand behind and guarantee all of our work. Whether your chimney and fireplace are built of stone or brick, we promise our restoration work will be absolutely beautiful and historically appropriate. Call (865) 345-2797 or fill out our online appointment request form to schedule an appointment to have your historic restoration completed by Knoxville’s only certified chimney sweeps today!

Our chimney repair and restoration services cover everything from fixing chimney leaks to doing a complete chimney relining. Contact us today for more information.