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Damaged Tile Chimney Liner? Our HeatShield® Certified Installers Can Help

Has a damaged clay tile chimney liner made it impossible for you and your family to enjoy the fireplace in your home? Well, relining with a stainless steel liner may not be your only restoration option. HeatShield® is a cerfractory sealant system designed to give clay tile liners a second chance, and we’re proud to have certified HeatShield® installers on our team! 

These techs have been factory-trained and can offer you one of three chimney liner repair options:

  • Joint Repair — The joints that rest between the clay tiles of a chimney liner can recede, crack, and deteriorate over time, which can cause a host of problems — just check out our chimney relining page. But with HeatShield® joint repair, damaged joints are no problem. Our techs can prep the flue, apply this cerfractory sealant to the damaged joints, and use a foam applicator (fitted for your chimney) to spread the sealant evenly over the area and seal any cracks or holes.
  • Resurfacing — If the damage on your liner is more widespread and has affected the majority of the liner, we may choose to resurface the flue liner with HeatShield®. In this application, we prep the flue, apply the HeatShield® sealant, and pull a special foam plug from bottom to top to smooth the surface and seal any holes or cracks.
  • Relining — Of course, sometimes the damage is widespread and the entire structure could use reinforcement — HeatShield® can help with that too. With the sleeve relining system, our techs prep the flue, apply HeatShield® sealant, and pull a special foam plug from bottom to top, just as we do during the resurfacing application. The difference is, once the sealant is dry, we slip a custom fitted sleeve into the flue and apply the sealant to the sleeve to seal it between two layers of HeatShield®. The sleeve and second layer of sealant give the structure added support, while providing a fresh, smoke tight surface.

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No matter which level of chimney liner repair you need, when we’re done, you’ll have a smoke-tight, safer chimney system. Ready to learn more about HeatShield or schedule an appointment to have your chimney liner repaired and restored? Give TN Fireplace and Chimney a call at (865) 345-2797 or fill out our online scheduling form and we’ll be in touch ASAP!