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Gas Fireplaces & Inserts

Gas Fireplace Inserts in Knoxville, TN

While you may have always wanted the picturesque roaring fireplace you can sit down in front of with someone you love, you run the risk of it being woefully inefficient. The heat gets pulled in from the room and gets lost up the chimney the longer the fire goes. During a cold Tennessee winter, you want to get a more energy-efficient fireplace to stay warm. New fireplace inserts can help drastically improve energy efficiency and keep your home nice and cozy. You need to find a company specializing in gas fireplace inserts in Knox County, TN, to install your new system effortlessly. TN Fireplace & Chimney can help!

Ready to enhance your home with a new gas fireplace or insert? Dream of enjoying a fire at the end of a long day without all the work and mess? You’re in the right place. We have years of experience installing and servicing gas hearth appliances, and we’ve learned which ones are the perfect blend of efficiency, convenience, heat, and beauty. That’s why we only carry gas fireplaces for sale from Regency, the industry’s finest supplier of gas appliances.

We have installed gas fireplace inserts in Knox County, TN, in homes of all shapes and sizes. Our gas fireplace installation services have helped homeowners throughout the Greater Knox County area, including Blount County, Loudon County, and Jefferson County, TN.

Propane Fireplace Inserts

Homes equipped with traditional wood fireplaces often have to wait to get their firewood situated, lit, and ready to light. However, when you get propane fireplace inserts installed, you don’t have to worry about the downtime between wanting to light a fire and enjoying the warmth. With our propane fireplace installation specialists, you can begin enjoying the benefits of making the switch in no time.

Our specialists know how to figure out what kind of insert makes the most sense for your home and ensure everything is ready for you this winter. Our propane fireplace installation services have helped countless homeowners redefine their home’s heating needs.

Fireplace Installation Services

When you need gas fireplace installation services, you want to find a company with a wide range of experience dealing with the different types of gas fireplace inserts on the market. From propane to natural gas fireplace installation, our experienced gas fireplace installers work with you to get your ideal gas fireplace inserts in Knox County, TN, installed without a hitch.

Our customers want a gas log fireplace insert that works best for their home’s layout and chosen aesthetic. With our lineup of Regency products, these gas log fireplace inserts have transformed countless drab fireplaces into dynamic centerpieces.

Modern Gas Fireplaces

When installed properly, a modern gas fireplace can revitalize your entire aesthetic. A living room gas fireplace helps tie the room together, and with new modern designs, it becomes a much-needed talking point for your home. We understand that one of these installations has the potential to completely change the way you look at your home. Our experienced gas fireplace installers ensure that your new gas log fireplace insert gets put in the right way the first time, so you don’t have to worry about future misplaced connections or leaky supplies.

Gas & Propane Fireplaces for Sale

Are you looking for the top gas and propane fireplaces for sale in Knox County, Blount County, Loudon County, and Jefferson County, TN? Regency has been providing quality products throughout North America for nearly 40 years, and we’re proud to offer these products to our customers. Our top-rated Regency gas fireplaces and inserts include all the options shown below.

Trust TN Fireplace & Chimney With Your Gas Fireplace Inserts in Knox County, TN

When you’re looking to upgrade your living room gas fireplace insert, you want to ensure you’re getting the best team for the job. We have worked with countless homeowners throughout the area, figuring out the ideal size, supply, and style that fits your home’s unique needs. We have provided the highest-quality gas fireplace repairs, fireplace cleaning, and installation of gas fireplace inserts in Knox County, TN, and the surrounding areas since 2008. Contact us to get your free estimate and schedule your next appointment today!