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Impress the Guests This Holiday With A Custom Mantel!

Impress the Guests This Holiday With A Custom Mantel!

Your fireplace serves as the centerpiece of your home’s aesthetic appeal. Whether you are opening presents, taking a family portrait, or visiting with friends and family, a beautifully designed fireplace can add a warm, rustic, or elegant touch. Nevertheless, even the most well designed and decorated fireplace might need a little extra something to make it stand out this holiday season. Redesigning or rebuilding your fireplace is time consuming, messy, and expensive. However, here at TN Fireplace and Chimney can help bring new life to your fireplace without all the hassle and expense associated with fireplace reconstruction. We can create a customized fireplace mantel that is guaranteed to impress all of your holiday guests this year. Let us show you how a customized fireplace mantel can add to your home’s holiday decor.

The Purpose of Fireplace MantelsImpress guests with a custom mantel this holiday!

A fireplace mantel gives you an opportunity to add a little bit of spice to your home. Mantels act as a way to add a decorative frame around your fireplace. Your fireplace functions as your home’s heart, spreading warmth, life, and happiness throughout your home. In turn, adding decorations such as family photos, or meaningful trinkets around your fireplace really show people what is close to your heart this holiday season. Furthermore, a mantel gives you a place to hang your stockings during the holiday season. Although there are a lot of materials available for creating a customized mantel, traditional materials such as stone, brick, or wood are popular among our customers. Along with a variety of material choices, we can customize almost any mantel design, so you can truly create a mantel that is unique and to your liking.

At TN Fireplace & Chimney, we partner with a company called Mount Vernon Mantels to design your custom mantel. Mount Vernon Mantels is well known for offering superior products that are of the highest quality. Partnering with Mount Vernon Mantels allows us to offer our customers a nearly endless number of design options and because we design our mantels using expert measuring techniques, we can guarantee that your mantel will fit perfectly around your fireplace. In addition to that, our customized mantels are relatively easy to install, meaning we don’t have to tear apart your fireplace or surrounding areas to put it in for you.

Call on TN Fireplace and Chimney!

Give your stockings a place to hang this holiday season! If you are looking to bring some new life to your fireplace, don’t hesitate and call TN Fireplace & Chimney today at (865) 922-2262 or schedule an appointment to have one of our expert fireplace designers help you create the fireplace mantel of your dreams. We looking forward to serving you!