Most homeowners know that routine chimney inspections are important to the health and longevity of your fireplace and chimney, but did you know that there are three different levels of chimney inspections? The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has three levels of chimney inspection based on changes you may have made to your chimney since its last inspection. At Tennessee Chimney and Home, our CSIA certified technicians are experts on all three levels of chimney inspection. What are the three levels of chimney inspection?

Level 1

A level 1 chimney inspection is the most basic inspection. This is the inspection level that takes place when there have been no major changes to your chimney system. Your chimney technician will examine the readily accessible parts of your chimney for chimney blockages and creosote build up. The structural integrity of your chimney, flue, associated appliances and other components of your chimney will also be checked.

Level 2

A level 2 inspection is a little more thorough than a level 1 inspection. A level 2 inspection takes place when there has been a change made to your chimney system. Changes include, but are not limited to, changes in fuel system, relining, or replacement of appliance components. Level 2 inspections are also required during a sale or transfer of property or after an event that may have caused damage to the chimney, such as house fire or an earthquake. During a level 2 inspection, your chimney technician will inspect your chimney with a video scan. Video scans allow your technician to examine every inch of your chimney system. No demolition tools are used during a level 2 inspection and no changes may be made to chimney systems.

Level 3

A level 3 inspection includes all the areas checked in level 1 and 2 inspections but also allows the removal of chimney components and use of demolition tools where deemed necessary to inspect a chimney. This level of inspection is also performed when there is a suspected hazard.

The key to any successful chimney inspection is the technician performing the inspection. To be certain that inspections and being done correctly, be sure to hire only CSIA certified chimney inspectors. We require that all of our chimney technicians become CSIA certified. With this in mind, you can rest easy knowing that any level of chimney performed by a Tennessee Chimney and Home will be done safely and correctly. If you think that you need a chimney inspection, contact Tennessee Chimney and Home today to set up an appointment.