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Protect Your Knoxville-Area Home from a Leaky Chimney

Protect Your Knoxville-Area Home from a Leaky Chimney

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Summer is almost here in the Greater Knoxville area, and it’s safe to say that most homeowners with fireplaces or wood stoves aren’t thinking about the state of their chimneys right now.

While fireplace and chimney maintenance is something people might only think about when it’s cold outside, rainy conditions during warm weather can bring trouble. Leaky chimneys can cause extensive damage to Knoxville homes, bringing the need for expensive repairs and remediation if not remedied quickly.

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Warning Signs

Be on the lookout for the warning signs of a leaky chimney, including:

  • Water coming in through your chimney and down into the firebox.
  • Rust along the chimney chase or down the side of the house.
  • The chimney is discoloration and exhibits vegetation growth.
  • The walls or ceilings near the chimney water-damaged and discolored.

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If any of these warning signs appear, don’t rely on a DIY fix to solve the issue. It’s best to schedule a chimney inspection with a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professional to discover the source of the leak.

Great Knoxville residents can call the certified chimney repair experts at TN Fireplace & Chimney to help. A professional chimney sweep will perform a thorough inspection of the chimney, including the cap, the masonry, the flashing, the liner, the smoke chamber, the damper and the firebox.

In our experience, if the cause of the leak is not a missing chimney cap or damaged masonry, it is often due to a problem with the flashing, which describes the metal strips running along the roof and intersect at the base of the chimney. These strips are meant to provide extra waterproofing and protection against water penetration around the chimney.

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Problems can occur if the flashing is damaged or rusts out. Common causes for flashing issues include strong winds and debris, pooling water, and damage from animals or even accidentally caused by workers during a previous roof repair.

To fix this problem, the TN Fireplace & Chimney experts can replace the flashing, using high quality materials and taking care to use as few nail holes as possible. We have years of experience making sure the job is done right the first time and the need for follow-up visits because of a repair failure.

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Other Issues

In additional to flashing problems, the leak could actually have its source in the roof itself rather than the chimney. This is not an obstacle, because we also offer minor roof repair services. Our experts can quickly deal with issues such as loose and damaged shingles or missing caulk around flashing.

To learn more about how we can solve your leaky chimney problems or to book an appointment, contact TN Fireplace & Chimney online or call (865) 922-2262