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Spice Up Your Fireplace With a Custom Mantel

Spice Up Your Fireplace With a Custom Mantel

If you’re like us, your fireplace is the backdrop for many special moments in your home. Whether you are opening presents on Christmas with the family, cuddling up with a loved one, or taking your family portrait, your fireplace adds an ambiance to any situation that is impossible to beat. Your fireplace mantel should also reflect your style and design preferences. However, redesigning your fireplace is time-consuming and expensive. At Tennessee Fireplace & Chimney, we can help! We can create a custom mantel for your fireplace that can meet all your needs at an affordable cost. Let us help you create a fireplace mantel that will compliment your home’s beauty for years to come!


If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, you are missing out on an opportunity to add some spice to your living area. Mantels are primarily a way to frame your fireplace. They also offer you an area to add photos, vases, trinkets, or other decorative pieces to your fireplace. A mantel also gives you a place to hang your stockings come Christmas time. Mantels are often made of stone, brick, and wood. Mantels can make your home look more rustic, modern or traditional. You will definitely be happy with our custom mantel installation!

At Tennessee Fireplace & Chimney, we work with a company called Mount Vernon Mantels to create your custom mantel. Mount Vernon Mantels is known for their quality craftsmanship superior products. Therefore, this partnership allows us to create a wide range of mantle styles and finishes. The best part about a mantel installed by Tennessee Fireplace & Chimney is that we don’t have to tear apart your fireplace to install it. We design our mantels using expert wood processing technology. Therefore, we can design a mantel that will fit perfectly around your fireplace and will look exactly the way you want it to look.

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In conclusion, don’t miss out on the beauty and ambiance of a custom fireplace mantel. If you think that a new mantel is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate and call Tennessee Fireplace & Chimney today at (865) 922-2262 or schedule an appointment online. One of our expert fireplace designers will help you create the fireplace mantel of your dreams. You will be happy you did!