Want to sit near a warm fire but you only have 20 minutes? You can, if you have a gas fireplace. There’s something innately human about a gas logs in a gas fireplacereal wood fire because we’ve been sitting around fires, watching the flames dance, for thousands of years. But sometimes you just want a fire without shoveling out the ashes from your last fire. That’s where TN Fireplace & Chimney, your greater Knoxville area chimney specialists, come in.

Talking about the “good old days” might be nostalgic, but we stopped heating our homes with wood and coal stoves and furnaces with the advent of automatically controlled furnaces and boilers. Part of living in the modern world means we can enjoy a fire without all the labor that comes from lighting and tending a wood fire, a convenience that our forebears could only dream about.

Using a gas fireplace is so easy! We want to make sure that greater Knoxville area homeowners can enjoy their gas fireplaces and log sets worry-free. 

There are rules and regulations on the right way of using and maintaining a gas fireplace. The National Fire Protection Association mandates the chimneys and fireplaces must be inspected by a qualified professional, like us, annually, and that includes gas fireplaces too. When we inspect your gas fireplace, we’ll verify that fireplace components have been properly installed and vented, test fire and adjust the burners, test the gas lines, connections and valves, and install new media and lava rock. 

When we’re done, you’ll know if your gas fireplace is ready for another season of enjoyment or if you need to have some work done. We’ll also let you know if you need a cleaning. A cleaning, you ask! Sure, natural gas burns cleanly and doesn’t generate creosote like wood does, but a gas fireplace may still need to be cleaned periodically. The pilot assembly may be dusty or clogged and the logs themselves may need to be cleaned. We’ll check everything in the system to ensure that it’s all installed correctly and working to safely warm your home.

And here’s a really great part of having a gas fireplace: remote control! Remote controls, in addition to on/off, can control the temperature, a blower if one is installed, the flame height, and the time the fireplace is on. Remotes can be locked out so children can’t play with them.

Did your gas fireplace stop working? Let us take a look at it. It’s often a minor problem with the pilot assembly or valves or dead batteries.

Don’t have a gas fireplace now? Well, bring it on! We specialize in converting wood fireplaces to gas, and we can custom design gas fireplace systems. Call us today at (865) 922-2262 to start enjoying the comfort and convenience of a gas fireplace.