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How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

If you love using your chimney, you should love keeping it clean. But many homeowners aren’t sure just how often their chimneys should be cleaned and aren’t aware of the risks they endure by ignoring the inspection process. Inspections and cleaning aren’t as simple as looking up with a flashlight and calling it a day. Having professional chimney specialists in your back pocket is great, but it won’t be worth much if you don’t know when to call. 

How Often Homeowners Should Clean and Inspect Their Chimneys

Most homeowners are recommended to inspect and have their chimneys cleaned every year. In addition, other heating systems and ventilation areas should be regularly inspected and cleaned to reduce the risk of an unsafe environment. 

For wood-burning fireplaces, it’s recommended that you get it cleaned when ⅛” of creosote build-up is located on the chimney walls. For gas-burning fireplaces, it’s important to check for deteriorating ceramic logs and valves to prevent moisture from entering the flue system. Even seldom-used fireplaces should be inspected annually to prevent pests from blocking and infesting your chimney.

The Best Time for a Chimney Cleaning

Ideally, your professional chimney sweep should be done before the burning season commences. Not only will you give yourself enough time to schedule an appointment that works for your chimney fireplace professionals, but you will also allow yourself time for potential chimney flue relining projects or even changing out your entire chimney system. Schedule your annual chimney inspection in the spring, summer, or early fall, and stay safe throughout the cold winter months.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney

So what exactly do you get from getting a chimney cleaning and inspection? Not only can you enjoy safety and comfort at home, but a chimney cleaning can provide savings in the short and long run. Below are some of the biggest benefits homeowners can enjoy by cleaning their chimneys annually.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide

You never want to mess around with carbon monoxide, and cleaning out your chimney ensures you never cross paths with this dangerous gas. As soot and creosote build-up, it traps toxins within the walls that eventually flow back into your home. Enough of that can cause serious problems to anyone in the house.

Prevent Chimney Fires

Creosote is also highly flammable, and the worst thing you want is a flammable material build-up right above…a fire. Even the smallest amounts of this substance can cause major fires, and if you only need one reason to get a chimney cleaning, this is it.

Efficient Heating

Chimney cleanings can also ensure that your family stays warm and cozy. Fewer blockages and obstacles in the way ensure your wood stove operates at peak efficiency. Efficient heating keeps your room and home as warm as possible, keeping your family cozy and even reducing your need for other heating systems. 

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning ASAP With TN Fireplace & Chimney!

When was the last time you inspected your chimney? The longer it’s been, the more you put your home at risk of major damage. Keep your family and important possessions safe by taking the simple step of getting your chimney cleaned with TN Fireplace & Chimney. Our fireplace cleaning service in Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding areas ensures residents prevent the harmful result of a lack of chimney care. Do you think it’s time for your chimney to be cleaned and inspected? Give your chimney the service it deserves by learning how often it should be cleaned. Contact us today and schedule your chimney cleaning appointment!