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We are the only Certified Sweeps in Knoxville!

When you think about it, owning a fireplace is an investment. A beautiful fireplace brings aesthetic value to your living area and increase the value of your home. However, owning a fireplace is a big responsibility. Keeping a well maintained and operational chimney increases its longevity and also keep your family safe from fire and […]

We Are Knoxville’s Only Certified Chimney Sweep

When you hire someone to do inspections and maintenance of your chimney, you expect exceptional service that is performed correctly, safely, and ethically. At TN Chimney & Home, customer satisfaction is what we strive for during every one of our service calls. That is why at TN Chimney & Home, we have every one of […]

Why CSIA Certification Matters

When you hire a chimney sweep, you expect the that they will do the job correctly. You also want someone you can trust to give you the service you need without adding on any unnecessary costs. It can be difficult to find a chimney sweep that meets all these criteria, but there is one thing […]