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Let our experts handle all your masonry issues!

Let our experts handle all your masonry issues!

Have you had your chimney masonry inspected this year? Masonry issues are a big deal and can be a significant safety hazard. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both suggest getting your chimney inspected annually by a CSIA certified chimney technician. In Knoxville, TN Fireplace and Chimney is the only CSIA certified chimney technicians. Our chimney technicians have the training and experience to determine if there are issues with your masonry and repair it if needed.

What masonry issues could I have?

A well maintained chimney usually don’t have masonry issues. However, over time, even the best maintained chimneys start to show signs of wear. During an inspection, we look for any loose or crumbling bricks, moisture accumulation, or brick erosion. These masonry issues need to be addressed right away. If masonry issues are not addressed promptly, they can become a larger issue quickly, which can lead to even higher repair costs later down the road.

We also run across aesthetic issues as well. Over time, moisture and smoke can cause unsightly stains on your chimney masonry. These stains make your masonry look old and not well maintained. Although masonry stains aren’t a huge issue in regards to the structural integrity of your chimney, they can make your chimney unsightly aesthetically. Let our professionals help restore the beauty of your chimney.

We can help!

Our certified masonry experts have years of training and experience with chimney and masonry issues. We’ve witnessed and repaired just about any masonry issues under the sun. We can resolve any of your masonry issue – chimney stain removal, partial rebuilds, tuckpointing – we can do it all. Trust Knoxville’s number one masonry experts with any of your chimney and fireplace needs!

Summer is a great time to call our experts to inspect your chimney masonry. At TN Fireplace and Chimney, we enjoy doing masonry work in the summer because we are not as busy. It also gives us plenty of time to correct any of your chimney masonry issues before you really need your fireplace. Call us now at (865) 922-2262 or schedule an appointment online with one of Knoxville’s only certified masonry experts today.