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We Can Properly Ventilate Water Heaters and Furnaces!

We Can Properly Ventilate Water Heaters and Furnaces!

When you think of TN Fireplace and Chimney, you probably think about our excellent fireplace and chimney services. You could also recognize us as Knoxville’s only Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney sweeps. However, we offer a variety of other ventilation related services as well. These include installing and repairing water heater and furnace ventilation installation and repair.

Vent Installation and Repair

Your hot water heater and your furnace both produce a lot of heat and burn a lot of fuel. Therefore, homeowners need to determine a way to vent the heat and gases produced by these appliances. If these appliances are not vented properly, it could result in fire or toxic gas leakage which could harm your family. That is why it is important to find a venting specialist who has both knowledge and experience with water heater and furnace ventilation installation and repair.

You probably understand how your chimney works in regards to your fireplace. It is a way to vent hot air and gases from your fireplace and out of your home. However, have you ever thought of using your chimney for venting other appliances. It makes sense to use an established vent for your water heater and/or furnace ventilation. That’s why, when applicable, we can install new water heater and furnace ventilation to vent out of your chimney. However, this is not compatible with all chimneys. If we can’t plug your new water heater or furnace ventilation into an existing vent, our CSIA certified chimney sweeps can determine a way to safely and efficiently vent these appliances.

Do It Yourself?

There are many “do-it-yourself” videos available for installation online. However, only someone that has been CSIA certified should attempt to install a water heater or furnace venting. There are many safety regulations regarding spacing and clearance that must be adhered to, otherwise you may be putting your family at risk. Improper clearance from your home can lead to a house fire, and if ventilation isn’t sealed correctly, toxic carbon monoxide could leak into your home. When it comes to the safety of your family, you don’t want to take any risks. Protect your home and let our certified venting experts install your water heater or furnace ventilation today!

If you are in the market for a new water heater or furnace, let us help with the ventilation. Our CSIA certified venting experts will find a venting option that works for you. If you already have installed ventilation, but are unsure if it is working correctly, call us now at (865) 922-2262 or schedule an appointment online with one of Knoxville’s only certified ventilation experts today!