Keeping your chimney free from moisture is critical to the health of your chimney and fireplace. That’s why at TN Fireplace and Chimney we are dedicated to making sure that chimneys all over Knoxville are protected from rain, sleet, snow, and any other disasters. We also offer custom made chase covers and chimney caps that are guaranteed to fit your chimney perfectly.

Chase Covers

We sell and install Custom Chase Covers and Chimney Caps - Knoxville TN - TN Fireplace and ChimneyA chase cover is a metal cover that sets atop your chase, and it blocks water and debris from entering. In many ways, it acts like a chimney crown on a masonry chimney. Chase covers also contain a hole, sometimes multiple holes, that allow for the chimney flue to stick out over the chase. It is critical that there is no gaps between the chimney flue and the chase cover. Otherwise, rain and debris can accumulate in your chase to cause issues such as leaking and even a fire.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are your chimney’s first line of defense against moisture. A chimney cap is made of a cover that sets atop a mesh cage. The cover prevents rain from falling into your chimney while the mesh cage prevents animals and debris from entering your chimney while allowing smoke to exit your home. Chimney caps are exposed to rough weather conditions including rain, hail, wind, and heat. This is why we highly recommend having a durable chimney cap installed to withstand all the harsh elements.

We Customize

There are many manufacturers that create chase covers and chimney caps. However, most factory-built chase covers and chimney caps are made of cheap materials that rust quickly. Furthermore, factory products come in standard sizes which does not fit your chimney. Because moisture is so detrimental to your chimney system, we believe you need a chase cover or a chimney cap that is fitted to your chimney.

At TN Fireplace and Chimney, we offer custom chase covers and chimney caps. We guarantee that our chase covers and chimney caps will fit perfectly on your chimney. If you think your chase cover or chimney cap needs to be replaced, call Knoxville’s only Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technicians at (865) 922-2262 or set up an appointment online today.