Do you own an older, historic home? Most historic houses were built with a fireplace and chimney. As homeowners of these older houses started to renovate their heating systems, often times the fireplace would be covered up and the chimney redesigned to work with newer heating systems. However, many people that own older, historic homes today desire the authentic feel of a real fireplace in their home. At TN Chimney & Home, we understand the importance of having a fireplace that is not only functional but also looks historically accurate.

Historical Integrity

Nothing is worse than not having all the original parts of a historic piece of equipment. Adding a modern-looking part to a historic piece of equipment makes it seem less original and looks out of place. The same is true with historic chimney systems. Using modern chimney components to renovate old chimney systems can make your chimney and fireplace mismatched and out of place. At TN Chimney & Home, we have developed a number of techniques for restoring your chimney to its original beauty.

Custom Chimney Components

The reason TN Chimney & Home is the best at chimney renovation is because we can customize chimney components. Older chimneys were often custom made and didn’t really follow standardized construction measurements. This can make it difficult to find chimney liners and chimney caps that will properly fit historic chimney systems. At TN Chimney & Home, however, we are able to customize chimney liners and chimney caps to fit any chimney system.

Brick Pattern and Brick Color Matching

It takes a skillful and experienced mason to do historic renovation on a chimney system. Not only does a mason have to be able to match the brick pattern of your firebox, they also need to be able to perfectly match the brick color used in your chimney system. If the brick pattern and brick color are not correct, it can take away from the historic look that you were hoping to achieve. Our masons at TN Chimney & Home have done historic renovations all over Eastern Tennessee and are experts at matching brick patterns as well as brick coloring.

Other Renovation Specialities

Chimney system restoration also includes fixing smaller repair needs like leaks and stains. If your older chimney is leaking, it may not be long until your chimney starts experiencing major structural damage. Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians are experts at identifying and repairing leaks in older chimneys. Also, if your chimney brick is stained due to years of exposure to smoke, TN Chimney & Home can also clean that up for you and have your chimney looking like new.

At TN Chimney & Home, we are proven experts in historic chimney restoration. If you have an older chimney system that you want to look and function like it used to, call us today or request an appointment online to have a CSIA-Certified chimney technician restore your chimney today!