There are many older, historic homes in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Walking in some of Knoxville’s older neighborhoods really connects you to the history and uniqueness of the city. However, older homes take a lot historical chimney repair - knoxville tn - tn chimney and homeof upkeep and updating, especially when you are trying to improve your home’s heating efficiency. Your fireplace was constructed with special materials designed to withstand extreme temperatures and aging. However, after decades of keeping your home warm, even the most durable fireplaces can begin to show signs of aging. Most people with older fireplaces want to keep the history of their hearth intact, however, when your fireplace’s masonry begins to fail, you might think that you’ll need to install an entirely new fireplace. This is not usually the case though. At TN Fireplace and Chimney, we believe that every fireplace has the potential to be brought back to life and, in some cases, maintain the functionality of a brand new fireplace. Our masons have had over a decade of experience with restoring older masonry. We know that with our help, you can enjoy your historic fireplace decades and decades to come.

Trust Our Professional Masons

Restoring an old fireplace takes a lot of calculations and planning. Depending on where the restoration is taking place on your fireplace, a mason might have to change their strategy on what actions to take. Masons use special types of bricks that can withstand the high heat of your fires to create your fireplace’s firebox. These bricks are needed to make sure that your firebox doesn’t crack or crumble when heated. Also, older brickwork tends to fade in color over the years due to heat and light exposure. This can often make historic masonry renovations difficult. Knowing where to get the correct materials for your firebox and fireplace and where to place them in your fireplace can be tricky and should only be left to a professional. That’s why we here at TN Fireplace and Chimney will only let our masons work on a historic renovation if they’ve been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Only a CSIA certified mason is qualified to perform masonry work on a firebox, chimney, or fireplace.

If you own an older fireplace, you probably already know that it isn’t built quite to the standards that chimneys and fireplaces are today. In fact, if you have a chimney that was built before the 1930s there is a chance that it isn’t properly lined. Chimney liners are crucial to the safe operation of your fireplace, and if your chimney doesn’t have a liner, it isn’t safe to operate. Most older chimneys have been retro-fitted with a liner, but sometimes older chimneys were designed with odd dimensions. If this is the case, your liner may not be doing its job correctly. If you are unsure if your chimney is up to operational standards, it is crucial that you schedule an appointment with an experienced mason before you use your fireplace again.

Let Us Help!

If you own an older fireplace and chimney, we can help make sure that it stays looking beautiful for the life of your home. Call TN Fireplace and Chimney today at (865) 922-2262 or schedule an appointment online to talk to one of our masons about restoring your older fireplace and inspecting your chimney liner. We look forward to serving you!