A fireplace adds a warm ambiance to your home that can’t be beat. However, the thought of adding a brand new fireplace to your home can seem a little overwhelming. A new fireplace consists of tearing apart walls, masonry construction, and adding a chimney to your home. This process is time-consuming and expensive. However, what if we told you that adding a new fireplace to your home doesn’t have to be so expensive? At TN Fireplace and Chimney, we sell and install prefabricated fireplaces which are less costly and easier to install than a traditional, masonry fireplace. 

What is a prefabricated Fireplace?stone fireplace in home

Prefabricated (prefab) fireplaces are a factory built, complete system heating appliance that operates similarly to an open hearth system. One of the main ways it differs from a masonry fireplace is that prefabricated fireplaces are made of metal and can use fuels such as gas and electricity, in addition to wood. Before a prefabricated fireplace is put on the market, it has to meet strict testing standards to assure for safety and oftentimes efficiency. 


Prefabricated fireplaces are a lot less costly than traditional masonry fireplaces. Since they are factory made, manufacturers have the ability to save costs on materials and labor. Once you choose the fireplace that you want, one of our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians will come over to your home and install it for you. Installation takes very little time compared to a masonry chimney, which is also more cost effective. When all is said and done, purchasing and completely installing a prefabricated fireplace is a lot less costly.

Home Placement

Brick and mortar fireplaces take up quite a bit of space and require heavy footing to support its weight.  This means that you may only be able to install it in a few locations around your home. Prefabricated fireplaces are lightweight and smaller in comparison. This means that they offer a lot more in terms of home placement options.


If you look around the internet, you will find a lot of “how to” videos related to installing prefabricated fireplaces. However, installing a prefabricated fireplace can be very challenging and should never be done unless you have been CSIA certified. There are a lot of specified clearances for the firebox and chimney installation, which are crucial for safely operating your prefabricated fireplace. If installation instructions are not followed exactly, you can risk a fire hazard. At TN Fireplace & Chimney, we know exactly how prefabricated chimneys need to be installed to ensure the safety of your family and your home. That’s why we always recommend having one of our CSIA certified fireplace technicians install your prefabricated fireplace for you. If you are interested in installing a new prefabricated fireplace, now is a great time to do it! Don’t hesitate to call TN Fireplace and Chimney today at (865) 922-2262 or go to our appointment scheduling page to set up an appointment today!